Fairytales & Fire

James meets Elizabeth at a bus stop. He bombards her with intrigue, her reluctance does no more but encourage. In an effort to silence him, she agrees to a drink. One thing leads to another and a relationship begins...

Lester is getting work advice from his escort. The lines blur between work, romance and sex as their relationships entwine. Hurled into a violent storm of revelations, all are pushed to question what they believe and who they really care for. Can we ever find true happiness?

Fairytales & Fire is an honest and comic story of people falling in love, minus the glitter, but with all the hope.

James: Charlie G Hawkins
Elizabeth: Victoria Fox
Lester: Hamish Colville
Clara: Laura Frances-Morgan

Director: Craig Henry Associate Director: Sarah Milton
Producer: Helena Doughty Marketing: Kate Mant
30th July- 2nd August 2014 Old Red Lion Theatre


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