Here. The 99%

We have called a People’s Assembly, this is a gathering where all can address issues they believe to be important.

In the recent years civil unrest has been rife and with each new week another country succumbs to protests about tax evasion, austerity, human rights, basically anything and everything they feel their governing bodies are not dealing with democratically. Many people believe they are paying the price of the mistakes made by the top earning 1%.

This is not a forum for blame this is an arena for the 99%, right and left wingers, communists or the 1% themselves. This is for anyone who enjoys new writing and would like to be given the opportunity to have their own soapbox moment. This is theatre for the 100%.

Lyric Lounge: Here. The 99% will consist of 6 new pieces of writing from all over the UK, all with a poignant point to prove. It has been produced by Helena Doughty and Craig Henry of BackHere! Theatre. Alongside the plays there will be a unique platform to voice views in our Public Assembly, where the audience will be invited to voice their opinions in two minute soapbox moments to the audience.